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Ohio Farmers

Our continuing goal is to help Ohio farmers manage their production risk which in turn provides them the economic security needed to freely manage and grow their operation.

From a variety of crop insurance providers, we offer a full menu of crop insurance possibilities. Federal crop insurance plus a wide variety of private policy coverage choices is available.

Important Dates

Check important deadlines

Market Prices

Projected and Harvest Prices

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Important Dates

Check our calendar of important dates and deadlines:

March 15 Sales closing date: contract change deadline for spring crops
April 10 Corn early plant date
April 29 Spring Crop Production Reporting Deadline
April 24 Soybean early plant date
June 5 Final plant date for corn
June 20 Final plant date for soybeans
June 25 Late plant date for corn
July 1 Wheat billing; interest attaches August 1st
July 1 AD-1026 MUST BE SIGNED BY THIS DATE for wheat conservation compliance
July 14 Late plant date for soybeans
August 15 Spring crop billing begins; interest attaches October 1st
August 15 AD-1026 MUST BE SIGNED BY THIS DATE for Spring crop conservation compliance
September 30 Wheat sales closing date/contract change deadline
October 20 Wheat final plant date
October 25 Wheat late plant date
December 10 End of the Spring crop insurance period. Standing crops must be appraised
December 15 Last day to file Spring crop revenue claim
December 15 Wheat acreage reporting deadline

Projected and Harvest Prices

2021 Projected Price 2021 Harvest Price 2022 Projected Price 2022 Harvest Price
Corn: 3.88 TBA TBA TBA
Soybeans: 9.17 TBA TBA TBA
Wheat: 4.94 $6.45 $7.16 TBA
Barley: 3.22 $5.83 $4.86 TBA
MP Corn: $3.82 TBA $5.06 TBA
MP Beans: $9.36 TBA $12.56 TBA